On Saturday, 14th August, we came to hear that our UWC Mostar friend, along with her family, were in real danger trapped in Kabul, Afghanistan.

We made an urgent plea to you all to help us raise money to fund airplane tickets while we collectively tried as friends to secure her safe passage by any means necessary out of Kabul. While the unfolding story to secure their safe passage took many dangerous twists and turns, we are delighted to inform you all that 13 days later, our classmate and her immediate family have all been safely evacuated from Kabul Airport and have landed close to Madrid, Spain.

Truly, a week ago a “rescue” of this sort still seemed very unlikely to succeed, given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, particularly close to the airport which was under a constant threat of a terror attack. We have now set up a new fundraiser where we once again ask you to consider helping our classmate and her family. Having escaped with a mere handbag each, and no more than a few hundred dollars all together, they are once again in dire need of our help.

The funds will go towards helping them buy basic living necessities, cover potential costs of applying for asylums and other administrative fees. Truly, no donation is too small.

A sincere thank you to everyone.

Lola Sweeney (Singapore, UWC Mostar 2019-2021), Lea Casucci (Italy, UWC Mostar 2019-2021), Carlos Valverde (Spain, UWC Mostar 2019-2021), Maj Mis (Slovenia, UWC Mostar 2018-2020), David Busley (Germany, UWC Mostar 2018-2020) and Pablo Chabalier (France/Spain, UWC Mostar 2018-2020).

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NB : La Cagnotte des Proches has agreed to help our initiative and will apply their procedures to withdraw the funds. Therefore, the platform will be responsible for making the payments directly or transfering the money to the different providers (i.e : lawyer, travel operator, housing, etc.).